Studio Transcendent creates premium VR experiences for brands and the healthcare industry. The team is expert at ideation and tuning high level concepts to extraordinary experiences. However, they are frustrated with their sales and are having a harder time connecting with potential clients, especially during VR events. They need an aggressive plan to find more leads and handle them directly.

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We’ve first worked with the management team to zero-in on the key strengths of the studio, and as a result decided to focus our outreach efforts on healthcare professionals.

After building a deep understanding of their target market, our goal was to identify the decision triggers of the company’s clients. We have then designed a new campaign around a simple message “Helping people understand themselves and the world better”. And we have also shared content about the company’s VR apps used for anxiety reduction or phobia treatment.

Leveraging our team’s expertise, we have then designed an advanced multi-channel campaign using massive Linkedin Outreach techniques combined with email and content marketing. Once fully deployed this very targeted campaign reaches 500+ of their ideal clients every month across several touchpoints.



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After just two months of optimizing and running the campaign, we’ve connected the management team of Studio Transcendent, with 29 new potential clients. Most of them CEOs, VPs and other senior executives of major healthcare organizations throughout the US.