Midwest Immersive is a creative agency focused on experiential marketing. It’s a collective of artists and engineers who loves “adding smiles to people’s faces”, however their biggest challenge is sales. They need an aggressive plan to connect with more of their ideal clients: senior executives at event agencies based in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles.

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We’ve started by building a 360 view or deep understanding of their market, the end goal was to identify the decision triggers of MWI’s target clients.

Then we’ve designed a new game plan for the company and a new positioning: “Connecting Brands with Millennials through Immersive Tech”. It was key to differentiate MWI from a sea of interchangeable VR companies and also deeply resonate with their audience.

Leveraging our team’s expertise, we have then designed an advanced multi-channel campaign using "Linkedin Mass Outreach" tactics combined with email and content marketing. Once fully deployed this very targeted campaign consists of 15+ client touchpoints and reaches 500+ of their ideal clients every month.

Vital to meeting the objective of increased connections was the redesign of the company’s web presence and creation of industry specific content in the form of a white paper, blog posts and case studies.

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Our experience with Ubereal has been extremely positive. The team has consistently delivered on their promise and set expectations well. I look forward to working with them continually.
— Aaqib Usman - CEO Midwest Immersive


Following the launch of the campaign, Midwest immersive witnessed a sharp increase in the number of connections made on social media and conversations with prospective clients.

60 days after starting working with us, 32 potential new clients have been identified and several meetings with CEOs, VPs or Chief Production Officers at major agencies across the country have been set.