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If you are reading this, you’re probably where I was not so long ago.

Fed up living the highs and lows of a "rollercoaster” life? Often falling short of your own expectations for your business? If the answer’s yes, stick around, I can help!  

After years of dealing with those issues, I decided it was time to solve this problem for good. Like everyone in VR, I am currently experimenting. I hope you can benefit from my experience, and that it will help you build a strong and steady business using the best methods to attract more leads, so that you can have more time to enjoy your life and your passion.   

I have always been an entrepreneur and small business owner. In a previous life, I started out as a video games producer and studio owner. In my following life, I have created advanced digital marketing campaigns for some of the biggest corporate and luxury brands. We’ve been doing a great job at keeping our very demanding customers happy and even winning a few awards in the process too. And finally, I have started focusing on VR about 18 months ago.

I was always passionate about our products and services, however, like many small business owners, I sometimes got really overwhelmed and stressed out by the many responsibilities of running a company.

At times, I especially struggled to make sales, and as a result we have suffered from the “rollercoaster" effects of having not enough money or "too many" clients all of a sudden. I also felt like there were too many skills to master and I could never learn all of those myself or have the resources to hire the right people. 

The excellent work we were doing always made me proud, but I never had the time or resources to fully enjoy life. This became so frustrating that I had to focus on solving this problem. 


I took a step back, and started connecting and sharing with other entrepreneurs and CEOs in the industry, and eventually I had a “light bulb moment”. After a while, I noticed a recurring theme - everyone loved what they did BUT they all had trouble getting clients consistently. Most of them had amazing technology or content but where falling short in their client acquisition efforts. Many were frustrated or stressed out. I realized that my problem was a widespread problem. 

For several months, I have been on a mission to learn everything there is to know on advanced sales and marketing to complement my own professional experience. I have been especially focused on the methods that are relevant to the very unique industry of VR. I have realized that using a combination of paid and organic marketing and social media strategies I could help AR & VR companies stand out and directly talk to, educate and sell to their ideal customers. 


I am happy to share with you all the results of my experience hoping this will save you precious time, avoid the frustration and worry of a life of ups and downs … and most importantly, help you enjoy your passion and build a steady, profitable business. 


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